Ektron updating search catalogs

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Ektron updating search catalogs

The advantage of a Complex Product is its ability to consolidate several related items under one title, yet lets customers choose the item they want.

Because each item under the umbrella is its own catalog entry, it is priced and tracked separately.

But they have not been recreated and are still running off the previous snapshot.

When checking within Citrix studio it shows that the catalogue is running off the newest snap which isn't the case.

For example, if a catalog entry is a laptop computer, one group may let you enter options for RAM, another for operating system version, and a third could present hard drive options.

Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.The information for the individual entries that make up the bundle are not affected when one is ordered.As an example of a bundle using furniture, assume your e Commerce site sells a chair, a table, and an ottoman separately. Use a bundle to define the set, add pictures, pricing, and so on.As shown below, if the chair frame is teak, the sale price increases by .00. You would use it to combine several existing products into one “umbrella” catalog entry.That entry captures pricing, SKU number, shipping, and inventory information for the bundle.

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