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(6) CVS Suite 2008, CVS Suite 2009, CVS Suite 2009R2 etc and CVSNT 2.8.x are all directly descended from CVSNT 2.5.03 and so should work with Eclipse.March Hare Software (the vendor) test each new release with the latest Eclipse release to ensure compatibility and a user guide is available here.It is likely that Eclipse will work with higher point releases of the same version but it is not guaranteed since it is always possible for changes in the server to be incompatible in some way with existing clients.Unless stated otherwise, it can be expected that Eclipse releases higher than those mentioned in the table support the same CVS server releases as the highest Eclipse release listed in the table.For instance, incoming change sets in the synchronize view require CVS version 1.11.5 or beyond to work properly (see bug 81960) When we say that a CVS server version is supported by Eclipse CVS, we mean that the full functionality of the Eclipse CVS client works with that server version.Since some of the functionality of the Eclipse CVS client relies on text messages, it is often the case that newly released CVS server version become incompatible with some of the functionality in Eclipse.Rather than scan every file in the repository, Eclipse only scans one well-known file, .project, which should exist in every Eclipse project.It is possible that you have other interesting tags that do not appear on .project but which you would like to show up in the CVS Repositories view.

(4) There are a known issue detected when using model based synchronization with CVSNT 2.5.01 (see bug#164964).

This error, or an error stating that "An error has occurred processing file", occur when the CVSNT server has been configured to use a repository prefix (also referred to as a repository alias).

CVSNT provides this mechanism to allow compatibility with the Unix/Linux based command line tools.

Anyone is welcome to update the table based on appropriate testing.

(1) A patch for compatibility between Eclipse 1.0.2 (WSAD 4.0.3) through 2.1.2 (WSAD 5.1) and CVS 1.11.7 through 1.11.17 is available here.

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Here is the line as it should appear in the "/etc/inetd.conf" file (example from AIX but the problem has also been seen on Solaris): The key is the 2nd copy of "cvs".

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