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"The 19 car hasn't been performing like it should be.It's pretty far off of where other cars are, and we've tried everything we could try to get the performance up."We've tried lots of different things, and it's out of the top 35 in points, so we brought in Bill to help us get the car in the show and help us figure out what we've got to do to get the performance up."Mayfield told the press that Evernham and his developmental driver Erin Crocker had a “close personal relationship” and “claimed Evernham was spending too much time with driver Erin Crocker and not enough on his Nextel Cup teams.”Evernham admitted the relationship hurt Crocker's career, and she no longer works for the team.The former crew chief says it'll be an effort to "get back into grassroots racing."We wish Evernham success in his track owner future, but with his record, success is sure to come.

But nobody – nobody – has made that dream come true more than Jeff Gordon.“Two years ago, Rick going into the Hall of Fame, then last year Ray and then myself,” Gordon said, “I think it just tells you that era when we were together and what we did as a group, as a team, you don’t know whether that’s going to be worthy of Hall of Fame or not, but those are some pretty darn good years, I must say.It’s a real honor to follow these two into the Hall.” In his speech, Gordon thanked the multitude of people who helped him reach the pinnacle of the sport, and he made a point to single out both Hendrick and Evernham.Gordon relayed that he and Evernham have known each other for nearly 30 years.And the newest Hall of Famer shared a story that helps explain their relationship almost three decades later.

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The pair even formed Gordon/Evernham Motorsports, and even though the team was short lived, they had success and fun with the project.

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