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In a compulsory liquidation the company is wound up by one of its creditors or HMRC after failing to pay a debt of more than £750.

A creditors’ voluntary liquidation takes place when the directors purposefully choose to liquidate the company.

Liquidation is a formal insolvency procedure in which a company is brought to an end; all of its assets are liquidated and the proceeds from the sale of assets is used to repay creditors.

A Winding Up Order occurs once the WUP is accepted by the court.When HMRC or another creditor issues a winding up petition to the court it is reviewed, and once approved, issued to the insolvent company.After receiving a WUP options are severely limited.26th August 2019 Operators within the UK’s service sector saw their sense of optimism for the future slump significantly during the three months to August, according to the Confederation of British Industry (CBI).A voluntary liquidation can take the form of a Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation (CVL) which is a mutual agreement between shareholders to voluntarily liquidate the business.

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Unfortunately, the chances of getting a petitioner to agree to a CVA during this 7-day period are slim, especially if the CVA proposal is not drawn up by a professional.