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One thing I would do is go to Chinatown sometimes just to be around other Asian people.

I think it's mostly being a minority and not seeing many (or any) people of your background that can have a harmful effect.

When you do not deal with white people, you also do not have to deal with their racism and insensitivity.

Seriously, don't do this for anyone else, just do it for yourself. I had spent the majority of my life interacted with mostly white people.

I have even started to feel better about white people - only because I no longer have to deal with them on a personal, daily and persistent basis. May sound like a politically incorrect solution, even racist. I grew up in a neighborhood with a very large Chinese population, in a very ethnically diverse city, and never had self-esteem issues based on my ethnicity.

It was only when I moved to a city and a neighborhood where Asians make up a small percentage of population that I started feeling insecure.

For real though, I know not all Americans have backwards views of Asian-Americans, but the proportion is higher than I'd really like.

Also, on the self-hate angle, how many Asians do you know who refer to themselves as 'bananas' or 'twinkies' like those terms aren't a hideous fucking insult?

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If you're not, then you're getting a lifetime of dog-eating, little-dick, chinky-eye, ching-chong, go-back-to-china, make-my-chow-mein, ewww-no-you're-asian-i'd-never-date-you bullshit racism your whole fucking life.