First born dating only child

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First born dating only child

Is that colleague of yours stand-offish, or are they just an only child?With some only children, all that time spent flying solo means it’s harder to warm up to people as adults.While the image of the nuclear family and its 2.3 children is as deeply-ingrained in many of our psyches as ever, as people increasingly delay parenthood, we’re seeing a new demographic on the rise: the only child.

If you and your significant other can never seem to come to a compromise, it could be their only child status coming into play.

Having a sibling to take jabs at you throughout your childhood can give anyone a thicker skin.

However, for many only children, that lack of playful teasing means they’re a bit more sensitive as adults.

This can often mean that, as adults, it’s their way or the highway.

And if you have a strong independent streak of your own, make sure you know the 15 Ways to Be a Safer Female Solo Traveler.

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With the extra parental attention that often accompanies being raised as an only comes one significant benefit: some over-achieving tendencies.

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