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The key is to start a private conversation, so stay away from yes or no questions.Open-ended questions give you (and your crush) more to work with. If you’re at high risk for HIV, Pr EP could reduce your chances of infection and let you sleep easier.“Linked In has the lowest barrier to entry and is the least ‘risky’ social platform to connect with someone,” she says.“If you get rejected, you can always default to, ‘Well, I just wanted to connect for professional reasons.’ This is why I think people use Linked In to ‘test the waters’— they view it as less aggressive than a Facebook or Instagram request.”If it is a certifiable trend, it's both interesting and problematic. Such might be the case with Linked In—which, at over 450 million members, is the world’s largest professional networking site.Though its intended purpose is to help users keep tabs on their career connections and facilitate networking with people in their field, over the last few years it has, for some users, also become a place to troll for dates.Once you’ve done that, “like” a few posts/pictures.

Alice Jones, 23, says she had one such confusing interaction. Still unclear.”Steve Dean, an online dating consultant and founder of Dateworking warns against the overlap of professional networking and dating: “Calling Linked In a dating platform would poison the well, metaphorically, leading to an exodus of users who have neither the time nor the emotional stamina to fend off barrages of unwanted suitors.”But it’s not always a bad thing.

While we’re not sure we’d recommend making Linked In your new, the days of it being a clear-cut networking site appear to be coming to an end.

If you enjoy gabbing with your peers and want to continue when school is out, teenagers online chat rooms are a great place to meet other like-minded people your age and maybe even engage in lighthearted flirting.

When a site’s purpose is to offer a secure platform for strangers in the same professional fields to network and find gains in the workplace, something is intrinsically lost when those implicit boundaries are crossed.

A lack of distinction can make the platform look like “a neutral way to gauge someone’s interest,” says "Brea" (who asked that we not use her real name), 27.

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Marie (who asked that we not use her full name), 23, knew her neighbor was married.

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