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And I think when you delve further into personhood and personality, you can capture a darkness or capture something that’s more acerbic without being pedantic. And people possess all these contradictions — levity mixed with things that are a little more scary or biting.And I do think it can come across as, yeah, potentially more satirical, slightly less optimistic. Or as we grapple with the meaning of living these kind of progressive lives, we’ve finally hit upon something that feels unnerving or perhaps less positive than we thought.“She loves everything about Carrie,” adds the source.“It’s rare to find someone special in this business.Absolutely, and I’m not separating myself from the characters on the show. These people are well-meaning, but they’re very comfortable. So do you ever feel guilty about making fun of these people that mean so well? There is a certain comfort that comes from feeling intellectually apart from phenomena.

In the series, Clark was given prompts like “Insert question about what it’s like to play a show in heels” and “Insert question about being a woman in music.” For the latter, the camera panned to Clark’s nails, which were painted to spell out “fuck off.” “Very good question,” Clark replied, deadpan.

Clark and Brownstein are co-writing the project, while Bill Benz, of , will be directing.

Other than that, there isn’t much information right now.

Are people asking you guys to come on, or did you ask her? Well, with a lot of the guest spots, it’s definitely a combination of people reaching out to us, and then Fred and myself making a list of people whose work we admire and who we’re interested in seeing in a different context, and giving them an opportunity to revel in the frivolity and absurdity of the show and perhaps showcase something a little less serious than what their music aligns with. Fred and I actually made a music video for her years ago, from her album Actor. Fred told me that the comedian has a much more specific job than the musician. Even though I can appreciate that, I think I always liked the more magical, earnest, or just mystifying elements of music. So I never really approached it in a comedic sense even though I’ve always had a sense of humor.

I want to talk about the differences and similarities between comedians and musicians. He’s a drummer in a variety of bands: Superchunk, Mountain Goats. And I’m less interested in music that is novelty or jokey or ironic.

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