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Games on dating

You have a simple rule: you will take all actions proposed unless there’s a strong reason against.#5 Social Snowball.You’ll find a place with many people that you can observe at a distance.They can also ask to learn certain skills, or to have certain kinds of experiences.You can both use this PDF, which provides menus of questions to ask about the environment, and types of skill and virtues and experiences to ask for.#13 Aversion/Attraction Dice. Every 10 or 20 minutes, you’ll roll a six sided die.Next, a doubt about your career or your long term plans.Finally, a doubt about your mission on Earth, or what’s meaningful or worthwhile#17 Dream Teams.

If either fist is empty, you separate without speaking.#9 Shared-Soundtrack Walking.You go out together, and you don’t talk or pause until it’s done.#10 Discovery Golf. Optionally, one player may modify the scene and contemplate it again before continuing.#11 Telephone Telepresence.You go to different, interesting locations and call each other. At first, you are the “robot” and your friend is the “operator.” Your friend asks you to move in a certain way, or to report back about your sensations or what you see.You take 10 minutes to make a playlist together that lasts at least an hour.You get it on both phones, put on earbuds, and press play simultaneously. One of you will stop and face some kind of object or scene — a tree, a fence, a building. You both contemplate the scene for a minute or two, then both give it a round of applause and continue walking.

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