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Posted by / 14-Nov-2019 23:38

Usually the clickable button that appears in a Messenger chat does not register as a bot.

The way you present your bot is going to make or break your customers’ experience.

A chatbot works similarly, in that the user has to know the correct prompt to receive the response they need.

Natural language processing is still a work in progress, and most simple bots won’t have this yet.

This should help you figure out what tone and voice works for your business. There is still so much more work to be done before interacting with chatbots becomes the norm, so expect that chatbots will be met with skepticism by default.

As a new frontier, there are technological limitations to what they can do, but also we’ve all heard about bad bot Tay, useless Reddit bots, and scamming ticket scalping bots.

A bot can also listen for keywords, or “triggers”, which prompt it into action. I recently did some research focussed on how people engage with chatbots.The outcomes of the research project presented very useful insights and practical solutions, yet it also highlighted lots of other observations and questions — philosophical, ethical and simply, eye-opening.The perfect balance between virtual and human service.The Chat Bot provides technical and commercial support with answers to frequently asked questions and it only forwards the conversation upon key queries.

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Just as your website or app needs a content strategy ideally before you’ve designed it, so does a bot. Is this the appropriate tone for your business, or the task?

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