Gridview rowupdating causesvalidation

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This method is commonly used when you need to update a record from outside of the Grid View control, such as from a different control on the is set to true, all validation controls on the page that are not assigned to a validation group are validated when the Button Field Base posts back to the server.

The value of this property is stored in view state.

BLL class I have the following update method: Hi: Please set breakpoints in Grid View's Row Updating and Row Updated event handler.

So my options are basically a.) leave the handlers but removed the On Row ETC from my Grid View OR remove the handlers in the code behind and leave the On Row ETC.

Thanks As I mentioned earlier, I added all updating events (Row Updating, Row Updated, Updating and Updated) and set a breakpoint at each.

It's not getting to my update method (Set Additional Insured) at all.******************************************************************* Actually all the parameters in the update method have to be the same name as the database column names eg.

Also I cannot find the field name in Grid View which is the same to the update parameter name.

Each field is then rendered as a column in the Grid View control in the order that each field appears in the data source. List Note This control can be used to display user input, which might include malicious client script. When this property is set, the data rows are displayed alternating between the Row Style settings and the Alternating Row Style settings. If the Grid View control includes a Template Field or a Command Field with the Causes Validation property set to The style settings for the alternating data rows in the Grid View control.Dear friends, I have a tab container with many tab panels in it.In each tab panel, I have a Grid View which has an Edit button in each row.

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The Grid View control can be bound to a data source control (such as the Sql Data Source control or Object Data Source control) or to any data source collection that implements the System. Note The Grid View control can provide support for sorting, updating, and deleting with other types of data sources.

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