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Guitar dating match

They're polite, well-spoken and sensibly dressed. Davis looks like the kind of guy who'd spend an hour searching for his favorite cardigan, while Zimmerman recalls memories of every coffee shop troubadour you've ever seen. Drums, bass, guitars and vocals all battle in harmony — it's difficult to reconcile at first.What you're hearing doesn't match what you're seeing.For two years, they just worked, until finally IRS label head John Grady recognized Zimmerman while teaching a songwriting class at Vanderbilt.was recorded live, using the band one sees on stage with Zimmerman and Davis each night.The photos are the bread and butter of your profile.This is what most people look at first – we’re told by our parents not to judge people based purely on appearance, but really we’re all a bit superficial when it comes to online dating."Not yet" is how they respond when Taste of Country probed around for some friction or force that will drive them apart ...Not to say there haven't been difficult times.“Mostly every time that’s happened, instead of turning on each other, we’ve mostly supported each other,” Davis says.

She plays — and this is meant as a compliment — ugly.“I know when I play slide, I mouth what I’m doing on the slide," Zimmerman tells Taste of Country the next day.

They came from north Georgia (Davis) and Pennsylvania (Zimmerman) and met in at Belmont University.

When it came time to pair up for a performance, both wished for anyone else in the room to be their partner. Songwriting led to songwriter rounds, and eventually 30 to 45 minute sets three times a week at downtown training hotspots like Hotel Indigo and the Commodore.

They agree that Civil-Wars-meets-Black-Keys is the only descriptor that comes close to what they capture, but they don't spend much time worrying about what box they fit in.

If you need them, their separate or shared influences include Chicago, Steely Dan, Joni Mitchell, Otis Redding, Fleetwood Mac, Jimmy Page ...“That’s mostly what I started listening to until I found a Dixie Chicks record in my mom’s car and completely fell in love with the music,” Zimmerman says. For some reason females just gravitate toward the more mellow strumming style of a Mitchell, or maybe something with fiestier lyrics, like Ani Di Franco.

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