Gwenne dating service new york

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Gwenne dating service new york

I asked my mom, who was an artist, when I was in third grade, how a car worked, so she had no idea so she gave me a book, and I read it, and sure enough, my first job out of my mechanical engineering degree was with Chrysler Motors in the automotive industry.But I actually got into engineering not because of that book but because my mom took me to a Society of Women Engineers event, and I fell in love with the mechanical engineer that spoke.She was doing really critical work, and I loved her suit.CA: Sixteen years ago, you became employee number seven at Space X, and then over the next years, you somehow built a multi-billion-dollar relationship with NASA, despite the fact that Space X's first three launches blew up. GS: So actually, selling rockets is all about relationships and making a connection with these customers.When you don't have a rocket to sell, what's really important is selling your team, selling the business savvy of your CEO — that's not really hard to sell these days — and basically, making sure that any technical issue that they have or any concern, you can address right away.So I think it was helpful for me to be an engineer.GS: We've got a video of a test that we ran in 2015.So this simulated having a really bad day on the pad.

GS: There is two really important realizations for that.I don't think I'm dumb enough to do something for 16 years that I don't like doing. CA: You might be the person best placed to answer this question, which has puzzled me, which is to shed light on this strange unit of time called "Elon time." For example, last year, I asked Elon, you know, when Tesla would auto-drive across America, and he said by last December, which is definitely true, if you take Elon time into account. There's no question that Elon is very aggressive on his timelines, but frankly, that drives us to do things better and faster.He's funny and fundamentally without him saying anything he drives you to do your best work. So what's the conversion ratio between Elon time and real time? I think all the time and all the money in the world does not yield the best solution, and so putting that pressure on the team to move quickly is really important.CA: It feels like you play kind of a key intermediary role here.I mean, he sets these crazy goals that have their impact, but, in other circumstances, might blow up a team or set impossible expectations.

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Safety considerations obviously come to the fore, here. We're taking the Dragon cargo spaceship and we're upgrading it to be able to carry crew.

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