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Hagstrom swede dating

Another innovation was the H-Expander Truss Rod, which gives the neck extra strength and allows it to be extra thin as well as allows the action to be set extra low.

Beside their line of instruments Hagström also produced amplifiers, speakers, effects units, guitar strings and mixing consoles, which were used by ABBA on their first world tour.

Soon Hagström expanded their line-up of guitars to include hollow bodies like the Viking and the Jimmy.

In 1961 the first line of Hagström basses was available to the public, this eventually came to include the groundbreaking 8 string bass.

In 1936, Hagström hired two Italian accordion builders who helped to update and streamline the manufacturing process.

In 1939 Hagström started to establish themselves in USA by opening Hagstrom Music Company Inc in Rockefeller Center in New York as well as Albin Hagstrom Inc in Jamestown.

In 1968 the Super Cromatic was introduced which came to be the last accordion built, with the last one made in 1970.

In 1984 the company returned to its roots by once again importing accordions from Germany and Italy.

In 1953 the accordion production reached its peak with 15,000 units being built.

As of 2004, Hagström has been reopened for the international market being distributed by "Tricor AB".

They are marketing new versions of a great number of the more famous models from Sweden.

Hagström were the first company to mass-produce 8 string bass guitars as well as the first to build a guitar/synthesizer hybrid (Swede Patch 2000). In 2004 the brand was resurrected and is now in production in China.

In 2008 Hagström expanded their line of products and launched their own line of basses including a re-issue of their famous Hagström H8, an 8 string bass.

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By recognizing the electric guitar as an instrument in its own right, and not just an amped-up version of the acoustic and by accepting the new repertory, Hagström popularized the instrumental skills of the new music outside of the networks associated with rock clubs, and record shops, and at a time when rock music was barely ever being written about from a musical perspective.