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Historical dating methods

BC is, of course, a modern English rendering of the original term.

Virtually everyone in our culture knows that it stands for “Before Christ,” meaning before His birth or possibly His conception.

In fact, it came about as a radical reaction against established religion and society.

The French Revolution in the late 1700s began as a moderate movement to provide equal rights and eliminate the abuses continuing in France from the Middle Ages.

But systems that attempt to force change on a society instead of reflecting foundational values, may be going against their purpose.*Thought Hub is provided by SAGU, a private Christian university offering more than 60 Christ-centered academic programs - associates, bachelor's and master's and doctorate degrees in liberal arts and bible and church ministries.All of us tend to use the most significant dates in our lives as reference points for all the others.For example, we think of our age in reference to the year we were born, and while we may give names to wedding anniversaries (silver, gold, etc.), we determine them by counting from the year of the marriage.After about thirteen years, the new calendar was scrapped, to the applause of almost all the people of France.After about thirteen years, the new calendarwas scrapped, to the applause of almost all the people of France.

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The ancient Romans had no one person so significant to their culture that they wanted to number their years in relation to his or her life.

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