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When women age, their value in the love market diminishes quickly. There are a lot of candidates and a huge market, but the availability for the supply is insufficient for the demand in general.

JJ Wu Chang: Hong Kong is so densely populated but the problem is that that you’re consistently surrounded by strangers.

Since they make up the bulk of your clients, how do heterosexual men’s preferences compare to that of heterosexual women?

Yung: In general, men have a bigger focus on appearance.

This in fact probably makes it even harder to meet people.

Violet Lim: In Hong Kong, more people are spending more hours at work and therefore, they tend to get married later and later in life.

But when they age, they tend to focus and consider the thoughts of women and whether they are able to communicate well.

Is there a stigma against going to a matchmaker or to speed-dating events to find a partner?And for women, confidence ranks the highest in their standard.Are there more available women that seek to find a partner or more available men?Lim: We recently polled 2,000 singles in Asia and asked them about their dating habits.Interestingly, for men, the first thing that would attract them about a potential partner is kind-heartedness.

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Lim: As a matchmaker, we work closely with our singles to learn more about their preferences.

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