How intimidating is warped tour

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How intimidating is warped tour

If there’s anything I’ve learned from this music industry, you’re the only thing that matters and obviously the fans are the only reason that I’m here, so it takes a little soul searching and a little digging to find the things you want.

But in the future, I’m excited to be off the road, have a little time to myself, to dig deep into this next project and just make everything as “me” as possible.

I was just out with the Neck Deep boys on their album release Thursday at midnight, which I guess is Friday! Anything else that the fans can expect from you this year? Me and Tascione, he’s this crazy EDM producer, or producer in general… And after that, basically just try to make music with as many people as possible and keep my parallels open and start scoring movies.

From them, being a new fan, they have an insane fanbase that I’ve never tapped into. It was really nice to find some new artists that I really fuck with. Wyred, who produced “Where You Are,” has another joint with me that I’m going to play today. It makes me giddy thinking about dropping “Driving” because already, I know the response is great. Yeah, exactly, so “Shining” is a really great precursor to that.

A now-infamous incident saw guitarist Jordan Buckley refusing to leave the stage, playing the riff to their track ‘Map Change’ for almost 10 minutes after their set (and the tour at large) was supposed to conclude, as the crew packed up the stage around him.

I made so many great friendships on this tour and did a lot of cool things. Only a mere 5% suckage due to Band Wagon blowups, missing a few days here and there, and getting really sick at the end of tour :(I shot whenever and wherever I could fit it in quickly. My version of Warped was most assuredly, very interesting! It felt that most people knew each other from past tours together. I remember I would walk up and down the track, hoping that I could pick out a familiar face. That's when the tour managers are running around getting everyone's All Access badges sorted out, and you get to go pick up all of your new free SWAG. So, Band Wagon took back their truck, and we were all now homeless. Meanwhile, we shacked up in a shitty motel for a few days while sorting it all out.

It was truly one of those unique experiences that is hard to put into words. It made it easy to appreciate how much equipment and staff it takes to make it all function. Fortunately, you get to kinda ease into your first day at Warped. Lastly, a few of us broke off to hit up the famous Shake Shack before we had to catch the train back to New Jersey. (vegans just threw up in their mouths a little after reading that... We were eventually towed to a shop, where the repairs were quoted in the k range. They had to scramble and put up with a ton of BS to save the rest of their tour.

Appearing on the now-defunct travelling punk-rock festival a ridiculous 10 times, the New York state hardcore heroes have intertwined their own legacy with that of Warped Tour.

The band’s DVDs and web series were also integral to the wider consciousness of the tour, shining a light on the batshit backstage antics of themselves and their musician mates.

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With such a rotating schedule, it’s almost impossible to always get that right for each person. With no DJ, with no band, using my sort of comic relief like, “my band decided to sleep in today so y’all are my band today.” Just really like playing to the crowd and letting them know who the fuck you are. * you’re off because it’s like a thirty or forty minute set. The cool thing about is these people come to listen to music.

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