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Is anthony kiedis dating anyone

There's more in the comments (in between the shitty fans trying to justify their behavior that is):[quote]Let me preface the story by saying I was a 13-looking 13 – not a Jodi in TAXI DRIVER 13. This was at the dawn of their “illustrious” career.

I walked into one of the lounge areas backstage, looking for my parents.

Flea saw me and shouted out “Are you the girl who’s here to give all of us head? I guess someone not in the band witnessed what happened because word got back to my dad who – not surprisingly – flipped out.

In all my years of hanging out backstage, going to shows, meeting bands, musicians, the RHCP are the ONLY ones who were creeps.[quote]At the age of 18, I won tickets and backstage passes to see RHCP on their Mother’s Milk tour.

(...)When the Chili Peppers’ then-manager knocked on my door a few minutes later, I stopped crying and let him in.

He offered an apology that sounded memorized; it was one he’d obviously offered many times before.

I read a news story about Flea playing the national anthem as a bass solo at Kobe’s final game with the Lakers and I went nuts.

The group later went through a line-up change when Slovak and Irons left and went back to their other band when it landed a record deal.I was completely humiliated and just backed away from him as fast as I could.[quote]There’s a clip on You Tube from the same era in a rhcp interview where Chad Smith completely groups and sexually violates a female host, and everyone on tape seemed to think it was funny but the girl being attacked, so despicable.[quote]I don’t think we should forget that early-’90s MTV Spring Break incident where the drummer and one other Chili Pepper were arrested for walking sullenly off the stage after a technical failure and taking out their frustration on a female fan by picking her up and beating her ass with drumsticks.[quote]A friend went to a record signing in the late 80s (Mothers Milk? She waited in line and when it came to her turn, she thought Anthony said “can I sign your tit”. She was midway through high school, 15 or so years old. yeah.[quote]My band opened a show 32 years ago and the RHCP were on the bill, though not headlining as this was before their inexplicable rise to stardom.After our sound check, my girlfriend at the time told me that the singer of that band made some unwanted and unpleasant advances.[quote]This post reminds me of the Lush song “Ladykillers” which was rumoured to have been written, at least in part, about Anthony from RHCP. Blood, Sugar, Sex, Dickheads It just happened again.This was when he was going through his “Raw Power” look, and he was immediately recognized by a very well-heeled 40-something woman in line with us, who started openly flirting with him.However, he was more interested in her VERY young-looking daughter, who was standing alongside her.

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While in college, he was exposed to the rough side of life and he went into drugs, becoming addicted to cocaine, heroin, and quaaludes which made him eventually drop out of college.

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