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Mental-health awareness, in the public, is very important to me.

It’s very important for society and for patients and families.

There had been a previous judge’s expert—not for either side—to evaluate things from a psychiatric viewpoint, who’s a good friend of mine.

When they initially contacted me, I didn’t [have] any preconceived notions.

The exceptions are primarily in the area of substance abuse or the mixture of certain kinds of substance abuse and mental illness.

I am far more worried about people who are looking for money for their next fix, or drunk drivers on the road, than I am about any category of mentally ill people.

Holmes, 24 at the time of the shooting, was ultimately sentenced to 12 life sentences and 3,318 additional years in prison for the mass murder. Reid is the only person who was allowed to conduct recorded interviews with Holmes during his trial.

At the time, the incident produced the largest number of casualties from one shooting on American soil. Reid spent months reviewing more than 80,000 pages of documentation about the case, in addition to participating in nine interviews with Holmes.[But] his writing and his statements indicate he chose shooting, and he chose the theater, because they were his best options to carry out his tragic mission.Had those two things not been available, either the guns or the theater, there is considerable indication he would have found other options. What surprised you about Holmes during your time with him?Then the lawyers or the court or the jury take that and make their decision. Holmes had any psychiatric history, except there was an insanity defense and other psychiatrists had been involved, [which] implies a psychiatric issue.Mental illness—even serious mental illness—in a defendant does not [necessarily] mean lack of criminal responsibility.

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It was a little surprising that he was very forthcoming about pretty much everything I asked about.