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Kanon dating sim

Attention to detail was fairly well done, such as the reflection of the characters in a store window. The colors used were fairly random, sometimes good, and sometimes very dull or bad looking. not in the sense that it looks old and bad, but that it is EXTREMELY generic. Sound Completely standard textbook dating-sim game music.The occasional vocal track is played, but usually piano type tracks were played.There are moments that you basically have to browse through all the locations available to you until you find where you're supposed to go in order to advance the plot)." (She wants to fuck) Divisive game, some like it for the rapid-fire comedy, some dislike it for bad sex scenes.Story Kanon is quite possibly the most generic dribble ever to come out of a dating-sim series, as far as the romance goes.

I don't mind the dating sim look, but Kanon is just bad. Barely any shading was done with characters, especially the faces.

The first game was yawn-inducing, this one has more careful pacing and wittier humour.

The translation does get a little rough every now and then, though, and there's quite a few non-intuitive elements here too (Relevant choices aren't presented in the conventional prompt format at times and even when they are, there's pretty much no telling what will be their consequences.

Characters As you surely remember, I mentioned already that the characters were incredibly generic and textbook.

Honestly, you are so emotionless towards them because of how generic they are, that I can't give this score anything decent.

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