Kaspersky not updating

Posted by / 15-Oct-2020 22:05

For a full description of these settings, please refer to the Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows documentation.

Hi all, I have KSC10 located in office A, with a number of clients in office A and office B.

You can configure the Administration Server to use the HTTP protocol instead of HTTPS.

I have made changes to the Kaspersky endpoint policy(added exclusion rules and trusted applications in the General Protection Settings) that are not then pulled down by the clients in office B.

Office A appears to be fine It's a strange one as the policy shows in KSC10 as having been enforced on most of the computers.

The Download updates to the Administration Server repository task is also required for this scheme, because this task is used to download Kaspersky Lab databases and software modules for Kaspersky Security Center.

Manually through a local folder, a shared folder, or an FTP server If the client devices do not have a connection to the Administration Server, you can use a local folder or a shared resource as a source for updating Kaspersky Lab databases, software modules, and applications.

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I have checked a few that have supposedly pulled down the policy and cannot see the exclusion rules or trusted apps that I added.