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Louis, Missouri [01/05] Miss Anastasia Pride, Mannheim, Germany [12/23] Mistress Evilyne, London, UK [12/23] Mistress Fatal Rose, Brussels, Belgium [12/21] Mistress Amanda La Fatale, New York [12/21] Mistress Valentina, New York (Also here, here) [12/21] Maitresse Noblesse, Brussels, Belgium (Also Amsterdam, Luxembourg & London - corrected listing) [12/18] Madame Myst, Near Winchester, Virginia (Also surrounding areas & Washington DC) [12/18] Miranda Pain, Sydney, Australia [12/18] Lady Keira, Las Vegas, Nevada [12/18] Mistress Michaela, Lisbon, Portugal [12/18] Domina Fire, Manila, Philippines [12/17] Mistress Victoria St.