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PUTMA allows you to name a custodian to control, hold, manage and invest property of a minor.This property, while considered “owned” by the minor and not the custodian, is restricted by the custodial relationship.The University of Rochester Medical Center explains that the rational part of a minor’s brain is not fully developed until approximately twenty five (25) years of age.[1] Research has evidenced that a teenager’s brain responds more emotionally than a fully developed brain.

Please contact your home office to get additional functionality approved. Box 219078 Kansas City, Missouri 64121-9078 Overnight mail Invesco Investment Services, Inc. When drafting a Will for a client who has minor children and grandchildren, it is important to consider when the client would want the minor beneficiary to receive an inheritance.While this is a personal decision and can vary depending on the maturity level presently exhibited by the prospective minor beneficiary, it is sometimes difficult to predict what even a mature minor may do in a situation of receiving a “windfall” in the form of an inheritance.Beneficiary Designation Form AIM-FRM-5 Updated: 05/19 Use this form to designate or modify the beneficiary(ies) on your Invesco IRA (including Traditional, Roth, Sep, SARSEP and SIMPLE), 403(b) or Optional Retirement Program (ORP) account or an account with transfer on death (TOD) registration. Online maintenance forms are available by accessing your account and selecting the investment you wish to modify.Network Level Three (NT3) Account Linking Form AIM-FRM-44 Updated: 08/18 Use this form to link a dealer controlled, non-omnibus account to your Invesco account for Rights of Accumulation or Letter of Intent. Log in Many account maintenance options are available through Vision®.

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