M audio profire lightbridge updating firmware

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This didn't happen very often, nor for more than half a second or so at once, but it was disconcerting — not least because it sometimes seemed to be playing back audio parts that I hadn't yet recorded!

Assuming Digidesign haven't discovered the key to time travel, it's possible that Pro Tools was somehow dropping in fragments of audio from different Sessions.

With eight mic preamps built in, a sophisticated DSP cue mixer, and a comprehensive array of digital I/O, it offers all you need to record a typical band to your Mac or PC, and the UK retail price is a mere £479.

To put that into perspective, Digidesign's 003 Rack still officially retails at £834, despite lacking four of the Profire's mic preamps and eight channels of its ADAT digital I/O.

It's about time M-Powered users got something like the Low Latency Monitoring functionality that's available for 002, 003 and M Box 2 Pro users in Pro Tools LE.

Some control panel functions, such as the ability to change buffer sizes, are disabled while Pro Tools is running.

(Only one aux is available at sample rates above 96k Hz, though.) As well as the aux sends, the cue mixer offers the usual level faders, pan, mute and solo controls, but there's no EQ or other signal processing, so if your singer wants to hear reverb on his or her voice, you'll have to swallow the latency and set up a monitor mix within your recording application.Mostly this isn't a problem, but it's a little annoying that although you can make changes to the cue mixer and save its configuration, you can't load stored mixer settings without quitting Pro Tools.In order to use the Profire 2626 with Pro Tools M-Powered, you need to download the v7.4cs5 update, which may necessitate Windows upgrades if you were running a pre-7.4 version.In this mode, the input signal is heard during recording and when the transport is stopped, but is muted during playback, so that you can hear previously recorded audio on the track in question.(This has obvious uses when you want to drop into a previously recorded take.) However, if the input signal is being independently routed to the outputs, as it is when you employ the Profire 2626's cue mixer, neither of these monitoring modes is any help.

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This operates in the digital domain, and the control panel is used to choose which outputs are affected by it.

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