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Mojsamec budating rul

With apparent deterioradon in the situation of the aging population on the one hand, and new potentials for bringing about significant planned- change on the other, there was a conspicuous need for a second White House G)nferehce on Aging. Those testifying included senators, officials from Federal and State execu- tive agencies with programs in aging, representa- tives of non-government, organizations, and other interested citizens.

This paper examines the applications of goal programming to multiple-objective financial management decision situations.

You may also be interested in the Board Paper, prepared by the IMF at the request of the Italian Presidency of the G7, on Gender Budgeting Issues in the G7, cited in that blog post.

Many frequent PFM blog writers in the Fiscal Affairs Department contributed to the paper.

Employment and Retirement; Physic4l and Merital iaealth; Housirig; Income; Nutrition; R^tiremerit Roles and Activities; ^P^^r4^'^^^ Well-Being; Transportation; Faciiities, Programs, 'and services; Government and Nongoverhmerit Orgemizatibni Plarm Research and Demonstration; Training; Health Care Strategies; Disability and Rehabilitatiori; The Rural arid the Poor Elderly; The Elderly Among the Minorities; Protective arid Social Support; and Roles: for Old and Ybtmg. N IONS il ATED 00 No' "JEc ESSARi Y REPRESENT OFFICAL OFFICE Of f OU CATION PIJSI-. Co-Directors of Technical Activities: Wilma Donahue, Tibbitts Director of Regional and State Relations: Ray Schwartz Director of Rational Organizations: Dorothy Mc Leod Director of Public Information and Public Affairs: John Edwards Administrative Officer: Florence Jones Director of Logistics: John Christman Special Assistant to the Chairman: Julie Erickson Special Assistant to the Executive Director: Tina Forrester NATIONAL PLANNING BOARD Arthur S. Therefore, the Federal Government shall work jointly with the States and their citizens to develop recommenda- tions and plans for actions which will serve the purposes of: (1) assuritig middle-aged and older pcrsotis equal opportunity with others to engage in gainful employment which they are capable of performing; (2) enabling retired persons to enjoy incomes sufficient health and for participation in family and community life as self-respecting citizens; (3) providing housing suited to the needs of older Section Meetings II (Continued if needed) and Preporotion of Finol Report THURSDAY Generol Session • Closing the Conference GENERAL SESSIONS There were three general sessions planned for all Conference participants.

(DB) ED 072 346 TITLE INSTITUTION PUB DATE NOTE AVAILABLE FROM EDRS : PRICE . ON OR POLirv O 1971 WHITE HOUSE CPNFE KE er|c OFFICERS AND STAFF DIRECTORS Chairman : Director: Arthur S. Martin Vice Chairman: Executive Director: Bkrtha S. The Opening Session was designed to provide opportunity to welcome the Delegates and to instruct them in their Con- ference tasks.

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