Net onupdating

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Net onupdating

import from "@angular/core"; import Custom Store from "devextreme/data/custom_store"; import from "@angular/common/http"; import "rxjs/add/operator/to Promise"; // ...

export class App Component @Ng Module() Data caching allows the Custom Store to decrease the number of data requests.

When the user initiates a postback by clicking on the button kept inside the Update Panel, we set a delay of 3 seconds.

To display progress to the user, we handle the Initialize Request at the client side and set the to visible.

Let us see how to use some events of this class to display progress to the user while the Update Panel updates its contents.

After investigation, it looks like the Selected Index Changed is not called because on the postback with update, the Drop Down List doesn't exists, therefore the event doesn't exist.This shows up the image with the progress as shown below.Another very simple option to display progress during an async postback is to use the Update Progress control.The animations to be played are declaratively specified using XML.You can read the Using Animations walkthrough for more details about creating these generic animation declarations, as well as other ways to use the animation framework.

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