Nick simmons dating hanna beth

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Dexter will typically stalk his victim, preparing for the grab by hiding in wait somewhere before jumping out with a needle filled with the animal tranquilizer, M99, to knock out his target.

The means at which Dexter discovers some of his targets are unknown, though it can be presumed that he follows information through the "wire" about any type of criminal that may have got off for killing multiple people or committing some crime that would fit The Code of Harry.At the center of the room, his target is held to the table by plastic wrap or duct tape, depending on the strength and size of the victim.They are almost always naked under the plastic wrap, having been stripped of their clothes to allow Dexter to easily cut through their flesh after they die.Dexter has a very unique sense of justice and he believes that by placing his targets at death's door, he might as well have them see why they've been brought here.In the act known as the Ritual, Dexter's kill room becomes a shrine for the innocent lives who his target has killed, lined with photos and momentoes, possibly even video footage.

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Dexter prepares rolls of shrink wrap that will hold the victim to the table to prevent them from escaping.