Nigerian dating rituals

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Nigerian food offers a rich blend of traditionally African carbohydrates such as yam and cassava as well as the vegetable soups with which they are often served.

Maize is another crop that is commonly grown in Nigeria.

Eghosa the queen of Bini The Yorubas are located on the western region of Nigeria.

The eastern part of Nigeria is the home of the Igbos, who are mostly Christians. Socially they are led by monarchs known as Eze Igwes.

The music of Nigeria includes many kinds of folk and popular music, some of which are known worldwide.

The singer and social activist Fela Kuti was instrumental in Nigeria's musical development.

Southern Nigerian women choose to wear western-style wear.

Supporters of English football clubs like Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea often segregate beyond the traditional tribal and even religious divide to share their common cause in Premier League teams.

The Nigerian national football team, nicknamed the "Super Eagles", is the national team of Nigeria, run by the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF).

Nigerian foods are spicy, mostly in the western and southern part of the country, even more so than in Indian cuisine.

Some more examples of their traditional dishes are eba, pounded yam, iyan, fufu and soups like okra, ogbono and egusi.

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