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Nursery rhyme dating sim

Waver Velvet for Zhuge Liang) in FGO, and even some currently unsummonable ones.

The links to those are below: The top 5 males and females (current number; might change) will be chosen. Edit: If a character confirmed to be a minor is chosen (Abby, Jack, Nursery Rhyme, etc.), romance will be minimal and no ecchi scenes for their path will be included.

But there have been cases of IP holders putting their foot down if they feel like their ownership is being threatened.

The cases that comes to mind is the Cease and Desist orders issued onto the Stage-9 recreation of the Enterprise from Star Trek and the fanmade Pokemon Uranium game.

I was going to end up making a short parody Gil dating sim (along the vein of CCC's "Can you talk with the King of Heroes") eventually anyway.

Saying "This IP belongs to the respective copyright owners.

I do not claim ownership of it" will not protect you, and can even make it worse because then you might get sued for "Willful Infringement".

the potential for a relationship is a whole VN route right there.

Aside from a certain popular chuuni, I voted for him, Melt, Passionlip, and Serenity.

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I think they all have a lot of potential to be explored further in a dating sim based on what we already know about them and/or had solid grounds for the start of an interesting route but haven't seen much of it yet (moreso in Lip/Serenity's case).