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The company wants to fundamentally change footwear and, of course, sell more shoes.Imagine: your feet swell during a basketball game because you’ve been running back and forth on the court, and your sneakers detect your blood pressure.I flew across the country to Portland to experience the Adapt BB, Nike’s new self-lacing, Bluetooth-enabled sneakers, but the guy showing me around campus is wearing a pair of Zoom Flys that refuse to stay tied.Within 10 minutes of tying them, they’re untied again, flailing all over.We’ll charge them wirelessly, update their companion phone apps, and replace their batteries like we’re starting to do with our i Phones.That’s a lot to ask of people, and that’s not even everything Nike needs to accomplish.A mysterious but seemingly thoroughly built-out product road map is mentioned to me multiple times throughout my visit.

Instead, the Adapt BB represent the next step in that dream product journey.

This will help keep all the time markings very clean and easy to read.

Employees will make fewer mistakes and health inspectors will be pleased to see that your operation is working to insure that out of date items are not being used.

They can even choose the color the sneakers emit when in tightening mode.

Adapt BB will debut on the NBA court on both Jayson Tatum when he plays against the Raptors and on Luka Dončić when he plays against the Spurs. The shoes will be available for preorder today, and they will officially go on sale on February 17th at Nike stores, online, and through the SNKRS app for 0.

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Just like we look to the original i Phone to see how far we’ve come with smartphones, we’ll look at the original adaptive shoes and marvel at the fact that we ever used laces.

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