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Ten or fifteen years ago, online dating was too new to be socially acceptable. Online dating is very different from traditional dating, in which people spend time with one another, slowly learning about each other.With online dating, people learn a lot about a potential partner before even meeting them.Gian Gonzaga is the director of research and development at e Harmony.He spoke to us on Skype: GIAN GONZAGA: "We like to say that opposites attract and then they attack.And it ended up being five hours later that we had dinner and everything." That was a year ago. And that's the VOA Special English Technology Report.We'll post a video about Mario and Tamara and online dating at

A "catfish" is someone who pretends to be someone else online.Cloaked in the appealing mantle of the word breadcrumbing, this is one of the latest in an ever-growing catalogue of ways to take a virtual stab at someone's heart.Breadcrumbing is the activity of sending brief and sporadic messages, digital morsels such as short text messages, Facebook posts or Instagram likes, which indicate that you still like someone, when in reality you're unlikely to meet up with them ever again, let alone pursue a full-blown relationship with them.He says there are many examples of couples that seem like they would be compatible, but are not when they meet. TAMARA: "One is that you just meet a lot of people and, you know and people you may not encounter regularly.And the other thing, it was almost easier like, if you didn't have a connection, it made it easier to say, you know I'm just not, this isn't what I want and you move on." At first, Mario worried that Tamara was too similar to him. MARIO: "But then she ordered another drink, another drink. And it was like 'OK.'" TAMARA: "It was very natural -- we were just blah, blah, blah the whole time.

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And it's not that you have to be similar on everything.