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Online dating for 30 s

You might not be interested in using a dating app and you want to do other things with your time.You might be nervous about essentially meeting a stranger from the Internet, which is what this is.You might feel this way too, and you might feel that dating sucks because you thought you would have met someone by now.

When you're dating in your 30s, you have to use dating apps.

You get out and talk to everyone you can in any situation, and when you find someone you click with be a man and invite her out for a quick coffee.

Nine times out of ten she'll be in a relationship but she'll most probably be very flattered to be attractive and will either set you up with a friend or else the tenth lady you click with will accept your offer, doll herself up, laugh at even your lamest jokes and make sure you don't get away before proposing a second date.

They're working out, keeping busy, trying new things and taking up new hobbies, and enjoying life. If this is you and you find yourself single in your 60s, either because you're divorced, you lost a spouse, or you've been on your own for a while, you realize pretty quickly that your friends just can't relate to your situations.

They're married and they could even be grandparents by now.

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Simply put, you wish that you weren't single and dating.

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