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Online dating meet face face

It goes without saying that its best to meet in a safe and public location where you can make sure that the person you’re meeting is who they say they are and there are lots of people around.According to the statistics, 28% of people choose to meet in restaurants, a further 22% meet at bars whilst 3% of people actually choose to meet people online in their own home.There is always some amount of risk involved in meeting anyone new for the first time, but what can we do to minimise that risk?Image credit: Flickr The place that you meet is important.For most people, this is the goal of chatting online – not to spend more and more time chatting and exchanging emails but to meet up with someone you like face to face.Of course, we’ve all heard horror stories, but that can’t stop us from wanting to use the internet to meet new people.

But it’s a thorny issue - and one that must be tackled, as more and more of us turn to the online dating.But a recent study by the University of South Florida suggests that – while a short period of messaging is fine – we actually shouldn’t wait too long to arrange a meeting.Published in the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, it explains that there’s a ‘tipping point’ when it comes to online dating.No longer do we see tabloid headlines screaming ‘meet the couple who found love ON THE INTERNET!’ For Britain’s 16 million singles, looking for love online is the norm.

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Of course, exchanging a barrage of emails – even phone calls or Skyping– can seem more secure.

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