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I wanted to say luck is not with me and I just hasn't found the right person, but after every men from my caste that I talked to seemed to only interested to sleep with me or making me the royal wife/girlfriend for namesake only while keeping their other girlfriend, I had enough. I broke up with the society for a man that would not keep me. The next day was the day when I looked smugly over the balcony while dying inside. By 7 pm that day I gave in to my ex's demand and told my date I wont be seeing him for a while, and, out of spite, told my ex I won't be talking to him as well. Just like the silent tree, I was tired of crying and begging for help. And that's why I am here right now writing this piece on a Metro Bus in Los Angeles.[To be fair, other men from other caste might be a-holes too, but hey, I was told to hunt for someone my caste and so I did.]I went back to loving my ex even though I know he wont be mine. I would imagine myself as a crying nymph, long hair covering my serene face as I sobbed on the riverbank, not unlike a gentle tall white lily that captivated whoever saw it even in the moment of its despair; but I didn't. I wanted to scream at my family too, to tell them to tell me what other viable option that I can take, one that doesn't involved me dumbing down myself for men that can't even compete with me in mind and soul just for the sake of having a partner with the same caste. There I was, waiting patiently for the end to come; too broken to expect it even, I was just... We all have our battles: big and small, measly and important.To make it worse, I did things my way and eff the world if they disagree. The most important rule a woman from the priest caste must obey is to never marry anyone outside our caste, and I (sort of) did just exactly that, until I broke up with him to gave in to my family's desire to have a suitable son-in-law, and my own desire for a better relationship.There I was, unknowingly standing on the brink of calamity.

I was the brightly colored macaw amidst pristine white cuckatoos.Its trunk became more and more fragile, its branch crumbles, yet still it stood until it has ceased its begging.It was a part of the forest and it fulfilled its duty accordingly, but even though the root still actively looking for water and nutrition, even though tiny leaves tried to sprout when the spring arrives, it has ceased to live. True to my all-too-logic mentality, it took me 4 years to realize what a pitiful state of human being I was at that time.Sebuah penelitian baru saja dilakukan oleh Zoosk, sebuah layanan kencan online, menemukan fakta jika mencantumkan makanan favorit dalam profil membuat calon pasangan lebih tertarik.Tak tanggung-tanggung, peningkatan popularitasnya hingga 144 persen lebih tinggi dibandingkan yang tidak mencantumkan makanan favorit.

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Yes, I got sad sometimes, but practicality comes first. How can somebody think she/he is not beautiful or special enough to be sad?