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After 2015, the date format starts following the normal UK format DD/MM/YY August 2008. For other Ideal models, please get in touch with their technical support.

The M Series is following the same serial number pattern so if you need to find out how old is your Ideal M Series boiler, you’d approach it exactly the same way as if you’d be trying to tell the age of a pre-2015 Logic boiler. We hope this article helped you answer the question of ‘how old is my boiler’ This tutorial only covers the four main brands in the UK.

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This means our boiler has been assembled around June 2001.

Depending on age and model designation, Ideal serial numbers read differently.

Your best point of reference is the Building Energy Performance Assessment site who have a very convenient boiler database.

Select the fuel, type, brand and model and then click on “details”.

When attempting to read a date of older Ideal Logic boilers, keep in mind that the date is in a very weird format. Pre-2015 boilers are dated in a following format – YY/MM/DD. You’d be looking for the 3 The last four digits tell us that this boiler was made in March 2008.Among those victims are three police officers – one of whom initially stopped the shooter for a traffic violation.Gunfire was exchanged, and the shooter started firing randomly along Loop 250 before hijacking a US Postal Service truck.Her mother, Kelby Giesler Davis said: ‘She is alive. pray for complete healing of Anderson, pray for every other family in our same situation, or worse.’ A doctor at the hospital where she is being treated said she is in ‘satisfactory condition’.At least 13 other people remain in hospital, seven in critical condition.

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In most cases the boiler manufacturing date will be coded and hidden somewhere within the serial number.

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