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For people of higher economic and social status, most daily tasks, such as cooking, house cleaning, and gardening, are performed by servants.Many wealthy families in Lima have more than one home: the main house may be in one of the city’s elite neighbourhoods; a second may be at the beach; and a third may be in the Andean foothills or overseas.During the speech all the women present prepared the feast.So when the talk finished bride, groom and the guests joined the feast.Such people make up the majority of the population in squatter settlements that surround the major urban areas.The life of the upper middle class and more affluent residents of Peru’s cities is much different from that of the urban poor.

After that he would decide which boy will marry the lady.

Once the groom put on the clothes, they sat together to listen to the old person.

Sometime this man could be the relative of this family, or he could be just from the village.

Each region in the Andes has distinctive hats, ponchos, blouses, skirts, and belts, often fabricated from homemade traditional textiles.

Recreational activities vary as widely in Peru as do the social classes, but for everyone there are the fiestas, which are held by numerous communities across the country.

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The evening meal is usually very late and often taken away from home—while visiting with friends or in a restaurant or neighbourhood bar.

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