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The best known of the Middle Platonists is the biographer and essayist ); Atticus; and Numenius of Apamea.Couples List is a place for married and dating couples to find and meet platonic couple friends.Others want a Friends With Benefits, NSA Relationship, Non Monogamous Relationship, Platonic Friendship or Platonic Relationship. We Care about You, We Respect that You are Unique, We Want You to Succeed!Casual Encounters, Casual Relationship, Fling, Hook Up, One Night Stand and Short Term Relationship are increasingly popular too. We are always Continuously Improving and have implemented Cutting-Edge Innovative Solutions to address Your Dating Issues.Finding your Perfect Match and Ideal Type of Relationship (based on your Aspirations and Expectations) is Easy and Hassle-Free.Simply state upfront what you want in a Suitor/Date, and whether you want Casual Dating, Serious Relationship, Open Relationship, Make Friends, Network or Travel Companion.Join and become part of the growing community of couples.

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Though the origins of Middle Platonism are obscure, its main direction became clear in the 1st century dualism of matter and reason enhanced the roles of emotion and will, may have influenced its beginnings, as did the Stoicized Platonism of Antiochus; and Stoic influence, especially in the ethical field, remained important in its later developments.

There was also a strong Aristotelian influence— though a minority of 2nd-century Platonists, notably Atticus and, to a lesser extent, Gaius Calvenus Taurus, objected to certain Aristotelian doctrines.

Atticus was particularly offended by Aristotle’s failure to provide for providence.

The general characteristics of this revised Platonic philosophy (and the closely related the One”; the placing of the Platonic forms in the divine mind; a strongly otherworldly attitude demanding a “flight from the body,” an ascent of the mind to the divine and eternal; and a preoccupation with the problem of evil, attributed either to an evil world soul or to matter.

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