Pleasure p dating elease from bgc

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Pleasure p dating elease from bgc

: At beginnning of the season, this girl really scared me. I feel bad for her, actually, I think she was Dani’s follower because she was terrified of her. Like Tanisha said, there’s good in her, like when she said, okay we’re done messing with Elease, let’s get her a new mattress. At first, I had her pegged as someone I would end up hating, but coming through that, she was all good in my book. I was back and forth on her pretty much all season. That being said, who the fuck leaves running a shelter to come to the bad girls house? My biggest pet peeve when it comes to her is that she came in at the end and yet tried to run stuff.

I thought this would be the first season someone would get killed right after she woke up to find this one sitting over her. I could definitely see myself hanging out with her. When Dani was yelling at Erica, the look on Gabi’s face as she’s trying to hold her back says it all: pure terror. Dani can be psycho because she knows Gabi will always have her back. I’m not sure if that was the real Gia or if this reunion broad is the real Gia, but anyone who feels the need to come that hard on everybody – your roommates and even the audience – is not only a total bitch, but probably trying to compensate for something. Good luck trying to find more work as a social worker after that. There used to be a bump on the bridge, now there isn’t. : If this chick puts up a backwards LA sign one more time. I’m sorry, you didn’t beat Elease’s ass at all, let alone three times.

Sensing her clique is turning on her, Mehgan decides to stand her ground and fight back.

Meanwhile sexy new housemate, Zuly, arrives on the scene and ignites a night that will go down in Bad Girls history!

Kerry feels Jodie stole her spotlight at the meet with Bobby, and is very angry with Jodie. De Ann and Jodie get into it when De Ann tells Jodie how she feelt about the photo shoot.

Meanwhile, things get spooky when the girls believe that the house is haunted.

At least they had a purpose in life, with less obnoxiousness and fighting.

Jennavecia fakes being sick to get out of going to a meeting with Craig. Cordelia misses her boyfriend and regrets her decision to break up with him. Drunken Cordelia becomes an emotional wreck and vocalizes her deep-seated "ugly girl" complex.

Tensions continue to rise between Cordelia and Andrea, and Cordelia's past is revealed to the Hyenas, who use every opportunity to exploit it, forcing Cordelia to alienate the other girls.

Episode Name: Valar Morghulis Air date: 6/3/2012 Summary: In the second-season finale, Luwin has advice for Theon as he calls his men to action.

Meanwhile, Arya gets a gift from Jaqen; Jon proves his worth to Qhorin; Daenerys finds herself in unfamiliar surroundings; and Brienne silences Jaime.

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Before the roommates attempt to reconcile broken friendships as they anticipate their exit from the house, a flirty Zara rarifies the girls' attempt to stage a charity fund-raising event.