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This man was coarser than her, and he was set on his daughter marrying the Chofetz Chaim who was only 17 at the time.The Chofetz Chaim agreed to marry her because he understood that it’s not whom you marry; it’s who you are, when entering marriage, that is important. He continued: As I am dating, I need to ask myself how I am improving in kindness, consideration, and understanding. He added that to show interest in another person, you find out what he or she likes the most, and you get interested in it even if it does not interest you.Rabbi Rietti involved the audience as he began by asking people to share qualities they hope to find in their future spouse.The audience suggested the following: good , giving, generous heart, caring, sensitive, selfless, responsible, trustworthy, honest, pleasant, faithful, patient, financially responsible, healthy emotionally and physically, chemistry.He came from a liberal home but I came from an orthodox so I told him before we got married I would only marry him if our home was kosher otherwise I wouldn´t have married h im at all.By joining this 6-part series today, you will gain the tools to: – Become the “superhero” you want them to see you as – Bring the fun back to your marriage (like it was before the kids were born) – Put forth your opinions in a way that will ensure that you are heard and accepted – Create your legacy by becoming a stronger leader and mentor to your children – Build a stronger foundation of respect in your marriage and family – Reclaim your much needed downtime without having any guilt thrown your way Week 1: The Art of Emotional Support We husbands get the job done, are logical and are good providers.Rather, the main issue is that we cannot restrain ourselves from criticizing our wives or from responding to their criticism.

he was a judge in the supreme court in stockholm and of course a jew.Rabbi Rietti shared: You see from this example that “you could check off everything, but you can’t guarantee what will happen in the future or how your spouse will respond.” “It’s not whom you marry,” he emphasized. People change based on lots of variables.” In marriage, what makes us happy is how we deal with the differences in each other. It’s how well we get along with the differences.” It’s not realistic to want your spouse to become like you.He added, “People get divorced because they think they can’t handle the differences.” He went on to elaborate. The only person you control is yourself.” He suggested that we ask ourselves, “How confident am I that, entering marriage, I will be loving, respectful, sensitive, etc., even when there are differences?Less than a year into her marriage, her father died, and she fell into a depression.She had held out hope of her father apologizing to her, and now that couldn’t happen. “The person you marry is not his or her body; you marry a sharing of minds.” He asked, “Are you the same as you were five years ago? Whomever you marry will not be the same in five years, and you will not be the same either.

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What impressed him was that she built a life for herself despite having been abused and rejected by her father at a very young age.