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Your topic could become the subject of a future installment of “Mysteries of the Universe.” For more information on the Sphinx and the controversy, visit the Web sites listed below.

however it would certainly be very interesting to see if there is any new thinking on this because it does seem to be out of place on the plateau.This is not due to a lack of science or rigor; On the contrary, the Radio-carbon dating at Giza supports the idea that the Great pyramid was built long before it is currently claimed by Egyptologists.It is said that Manetho's main goal was to prove to the Greeks that the Egyptians were the world's oldest people, but that he faced competition; Berosus was trying to do the same thing with his homeland, Mesopotamia, while the chief librarian of the Alexandria library, Erastosthenes, also claimed great antiquity for the Greeks.It was Manetho who compiled Egyptian history into the thirty dynasties we are familiar with today.The first problem with Manetho's dynasties was that the Egyptians left few clues as to which dynasty followed which; they weren't interested in recording which dynasties ended in a revolution and which simply died out.

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Nevertheless, Manetho's history is still considered the foundation of Egyptian chronology.

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