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This is something that is missing from today’s climate,” says Rahsaan.

“This time I allowed myself the room to breathe and allow the music to tell me what I need to do.” The result is an enthralling collection of Rahsaan’s most organic, emotionally potent and sonically adventurous offering yet.He shares, “When I heard this song, I thought it was a beautiful approach and the arrangement and looseness of the song felt galactic.I was so inspired by the music that it was easy to write what needed to be said.” Rahsaan collaborated with songwriter Jamey Jaz (Ledisi, Gladys Knight, Chanté Moore) for the seductive funk workout “Silly, Love Fool.” “We’ve been collaborating with one another since 1992 and when we are together it is magic. Over the course of my albums our collaborations together always resonated with people.” “Rock And Roll” is a straight up party jam that effortlessly fuses genre and feel.“I am a fan of his not only vocally but how he could make a song his own while paying homage to it.” The first single on Heroes & Gods is the glorious “Sent From Heaven.” The brilliant horn orchestration and tasteful arrangement perfectly frame Rahsaan Patterson’s impeccable voice as he give thanks and sings, ”My days are much brighter because you’re Sent From Heaven.” The song has all the makings of an instant classic and beautifully illustrates Rahsaan’s keen abilities as a songwriter.“I have been influenced by classic material and artists.

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“I am more than classic R&B guy,” declares Rahsaan.

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