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For many Americans, the mortgage interest deduction saves them several thousands of dollars on their annual tax bill.

If you refinance your home and pay off your debts with your home equity, you will be able to write off most of that interest.

You can quickly increase your credit score if that debt is rolled into your refinanced mortgage.

This is a much lower interest rate debt, and mortgage debt is generally seen as ‘good’ debt by the credit bureaus, as long as you pay your mortgage on time.

Many people will save at least 10% in interest each year with a refinance mortgage loan.Paying less in interest over the years leads to better financial security as you approach retirement.#7 Pay Set Payments Over Time If you refinance your debts into your mortgage, you will be able to make fixed payments on your debt over a long period of time.#2 Make One Payment Per Month If you have credit card debt, you probably have several accounts that you have to pay each month. Plus, you run the risk of paying late on one of the bills and having a late fee.With a mortgage refinance, you can pull cash out of your home and make a payment on all of your debts just one time per month.

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You should be aware that if the economy does heat up, interest rates will continue to rise.

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