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CCC needs to have a LSP for to transmit and another to receive traffic.So firstly, we will need to get the LSPs configured.As this circuit is being using as a POC (for now), it was agreed that a Layer 2 VPN will be best suited, because a simple point-to-point connection was needed between two PEs.As we have a MPLS enabled network, it was decided that would be the easiest way to get their POC up and running quickly, as we were under a bit of a hard deadline!As a network engineer you are familiar with the concepts of OSPF and single-area implementations, however you never tried to create a multi-area ospf configuration.

The underlying IGP is IS-IS with RSVP, LDP and BGP enabled. With all the L2VPNs the customer facing physical interface has to be set to the correct encapsulation.Strangely enough you now have problems with reachability. The lack of native OS X tools for v Sphere has always been a source of frustration for me.In addition, routing-instance has to be set to set routing-instances Master instance-type l2vpn set routing-instances Master interface xe-0/1/0.0 set routing-instances Master route-distinguisher 101 set routing-instances Master vrf-target target:100 identifier must be unique to the entire site within the L2VPN as the site ID is used to compute label values for site-to-site communications.The interface(s) have to be defined within l2vpn and l2vpn site stanzas.

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The bulk and most depth of my testing was with that method…

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