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It is too easy for those who have never experienced the desperation and sorrow of a failed marriage to believe that “they could have done something to save it.” Let me assure you, the divorced Catholics I know (including myself) are spiritual, forgiving people who are committed to family and to the institution of marriage.And they did all they could to save their marriages.When a marriage fails, no amount of effort, enabling or denial will save it.It is wrong to ask for details before you support your divorced friend, family member or parishioner.The Catholic Church’s response has been to get proactive about better preparing engaged couples before they marry.The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ (USCCB) National Pastoral Initiative for Marriage has made strengthening Catholic marriages a top priority.Even if a divorcing/divorced person is very close to you, you do not know what really happened.Therefore, you should refrain from making comments or asking prying questions.

But there is a definite, although largely unconscious, attitude in the Church that the divorced are less spiritual, less committed to marriage and/or less forgiving than the long-term married.The most important change is this: My relationship with God is better today than it ever has been.When I was freed from an impossible, dysfunctional marriage, my relationship with God blossomed.Many of us, looking back, realize that God was simply not a part of our decision to marry. My intended was heading to a war zone for a year, and friends and family counseled me to wait. We have all attended enough weddings to recall what the priest or deacon always asks a couple at the beginning of the marriage ceremony: “Do you come here freely and without reservation?In my case, I never asked God, never gave God the chance to stop my headlong (and headstrong) determination to get married. ” For most of us divorced Catholics, the answer to that question, if we had been truthful, was “no.” How can anyone claim that a particular marriage was “joined by God” if that was not the intention of the parties getting married?

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Perhaps we divorced Catholics are overly sensitive, but certain statements and inquiries are like rubbing salt into a very sore wound.