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Again the short, and probably wrong explanation for Many Worlds is that collapsing superpositions actually cause the world to break off into different timelines.

The cat in the box is alive and dead at the same time, but when you open the box you create a world where the cat is dead, and a world where the cat is alive, which brings us rather neatly to the Many Worlds Interpretation’s sci-fi cousin, the branching timelines model of time travel.

takes this problem by the horns, points out that if you go back and kill baby Thanos, all the people killed by The Snap in this timeline will still be more - Which Avengers: Endgame Deaths are Permanent?The Space Stone however, has disappeared with Loki, after Tony Stark has a mysterious heart attack.That one tends to give you more plot consistency but makes the story as dull as dishwater by stripping any sense of agency for your more - Complete Guide to Marvel and MCU Easter Eggs in Avengers: Endgame When Tony Stark is discussing the problems of time travel with Scott Lang he cites three major issues - that they’re operating at the Planck Length, and that they have to deal with the EPR Parodox and the Deutsch Proposition.

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