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He is the Model, Voice, and Motion Capture Actor for the Secret Apprentice of Darth Vader; Starkiller aka Galen Marek. If Sam and Freddie start dating it will probably be in the sequel to the episode IOMG, it's called Idate Sam and Freddie. Witwer has the lead in this Sam Auster feature film.

Witwer also voiced the Emperor in the video game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. He plays Joe, a down on his luck 30-something, returning to Chicago hoping to get into "The Outfit" with the help of his connected Uncle Dom (Armand Assante).

If you’re going to do all of that, if you’re going to weave that complexity into the story, then yeah, you’re going to need a lot more screen time.

And taking what we did in The Clone Wars, was a nice little short cut to getting that significance in the picture.

Being chopped in half at the end of the first film of a trilogy didn’t bode well for the villains in the future of the franchise.

That film is aging better than anyone expected, and one of the key ingredients in that mix was this enigmatic villain.And for the casual fan, they don’t necessarily need that significance. Star Wars fans demand a certain level of depth and a certain level of mythological continuity, so that’s why the story is peppered with, like I said, a bunch of hints that this is indeed a dark side run organization, and the galaxy is suffering under its influence.So yeah, Jonathan Kasdan and I had a nice little conversation about that.Matt Wood decided it’d be funny to kind of throw that information out to me once. And the fans, they say these wonderful, sweet things. Maybe they’re locked into something that I don’t understand.” Because, all of these things that have been happening, fans have called these things out to me at cons, and I didn’t believe them. And then afterward, I came back and recorded again, because Ray needed to have some freedom with what he was doing.He was like, “Hey, just so you know he’s in the movie, and what do you think? They say, “Hey, do you think you’ll ever go back and finish The Clone Wars? That’s not gonna happen.” And they’ll go, “Do you think that Maul will ever be in a movie, and you’ll voice him? So, my apologies to anyone for not listening more closely to your words. My track was there as a guide, sort of like okay, here’s the guy whose been playing Maul in all of these dialogue scenes, but then here’s the guy who created the character and has this extraordinary presence. The reaction that I have been witnessing has been overwhelmingly positive.

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