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Head down on a Sunday to check out the work of local artists, jewelers, and cooks.

Most excitingly, this year, the Market has brought back Third Thursdays -- so if you time your date right, you can find the various sheds of the Market full of food, music, drinks, and more.

These days, it’s more like Seamless delivery and Hulu streaming.

Detroit’s meticulously renovated Redford Theatre is an ode to the heyday of the silver screen.

Yeah, yeah, okay, we’re starting to sound a little saccharine, but once you and babycakes get a taste of the whimsical bonbons created by the Babes Babes Babes at Bon Bon Bon, you’ll understand.

Each season, the chocolate shop rolls out a different “collection,” so you’ll be sure to enjoy delicious, summer-tinged chocolates with grade-A punny names (“Zac Saffron” and “Sunny Hunny” were highlights of this year’s spring collection). Your sweet tooth -- and your sweetheart -- will thank you for this date night detour. Detroit Axe is Metro Detroit’s self-appointed “first wholly dedicated, competitive axe throwing area.” Set above the former Local Kitchen and Bar in downtown Ferndale, the venue rents out 12 lanes for tournaments.

Dinner and a movie used to be the quintessential date night.

Now that we’ve suffered through a particularly brutal winter, let's all remember why we love to live in Detroit: the gorgeous summers.

The perfect way to experience the coming warm weather is to take advantage of Detroit’s incredible outdoor activities -- because why relegate yourself to a stereotypical romantic dinner (if you're set on that, though, here are the perfect restaurants) when you could impress your potential sweetheart with something creative and actually enjoyable?

Ask any Detroiter -- or anyone in America, for that matter -- about their favorite love songs, and a sultry Motown track is bound to be part of their playlist.

Go on a tour of the original Hitsville USA, and you and your one-and-only will almost sense Smokey Robinson belting out “Cruisin’” in Studio A.

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); Selden Standard has charming flowery murals and delicious food; The Rattle Snake Club overlooks the river while offering steak and seafood fare; Campus Martius has a bar right on their “urban beach.” There are so many options! The incredibly regal-feeling Schvitz has been open since 1930 and offers ancient heat therapies, holistic healing, and food.