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Hunt made her directorial film debut with Then She Found Me (2007), and has since directed the film Ride (2014) and episodes of such television series as House of Lies, This Is Us, Feud: Bette and Joan and American Housewife.

Hunt's paternal grandmother was from a German-Jewish family, while Hunt's other grandparents were of English descent (her maternal grandfather was born in England), with a Methodist religious background.

"Apocalypse" was featured in episode 10 of the second season of Harrow (TV series), and in episode 10 of the sixth season of The 100 (TV series).

It was also featured in episode 1 of the ninth season of Suits (TV series).

After the release of the standalone single "Affection" in 2015, the band released their self-titled debut studio album in June 2017 to positive reviews.

In 1988, she appeared in Stealing Home, as Hope Wyatt, the sister of Billy Wyatt, played by Mark Harmon and a cast featuring Jodie Foster and Harold Ramis.Her early roles included an appearance as Murray Slaughter's daughter on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, alongside Lindsay Wagner in an episode of The Bionic Woman, an appearance in an episode of Ark II called "Omega", and a regular role in the television series The Swiss Family Robinson.She appeared as a marijuana-smoking classmate on an episode of The Facts of Life.In the disaster action film Twister (1996), Hunt starred with Bill Paxton as storm chasers researching tornadoes.Both actors were temporarily blinded by bright electronic lamps halfway through filming, and needed hepatitis shots after shooting in a particularly unsanitary ditch.


Hunt won the Academy Award for Best Actress for starring as Carol Connelly in the romantic comedy As Good as It Gets (1997), while her portrayal of Cheryl Cohen-Greene in The Sessions (2012), garnered her an additional Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress.