Shipment consoildating software

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Shipment consoildating software

This 3-minute video shows you what data are required by the Foreign Trade Regulations for filing through AES and how to enter the data in the Shipping Solutions export software.Once you have entered the data needed for an AESDirect filing, watch this 4-minute video that shows you how to complete the filing through AESDirect via the ACE portal.This short video walks you through the steps you need to create the invoice in less than three minutes and then print it out on plain paper, save it as a PDF file, or email to your customer.

This allows you to limit access to different parts of the software to different groups of users.

This two-and-a-half-minute video shows you how to save logos and signatures in the Shipping Solutions software and how to select a signature to print on a specified export form.

Regardless of whether you are using the single- or multi-user version of Shipping Solutions, you may have different people using the software to create your export paperwork, or you may have one person creating paperwork for different locations or different divisions of the company.

If you are exporting goods from the United States valued at more than ,500 per Schedule B code, you or your agent generally needs to file your export information electronically through the Automated Export System (AES).

Shipping Solutions can be an integral part of your company's export compliance program.

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The shipment log allows you to track all the activities you do to comply with U. export regulations, and the Export Compliance Module has three features: 1) Restricted Party Screening allows you to screen the parties in your transaction against the government's denied parties lists, 2) Export License Determination helps you determine if you need an export license for your shipment and 3) Document Determination helps you determine what export documents are needed for your shipment.