Size matters dating

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Size matters dating

Cell size was an important influence on how quickly spores awoke from dormancy to begin searching for a sexual partner; large spores became active 38% more quickly in a nutrient-rich environment, whereas smaller spores were 63% faster when conditions were poor.Asexual reproduction was similarly affected, with large spores budding off asexual copies sooner in good environments and small spores budding sooner in bad environments.In single-celled organisms, just like their multicellular counterparts, the ideal body size depends on surrounding conditions in the environment.In nutrient rich environments, larger cells do better, whilst in nutrient poor environments, smaller cells prevail.It’s no surprise that height plays a significant role in selecting a date offline.Earlier this year, British and Dutch researchers studied more than 12,000 couples in the UK to compile data specifically on their height differences.

However, when times are hard, yeast can also enter a sexual phase of reproduction.

In many multi-cellular animals, females have been shown to select mates based on body size to ensure their offspring the best possible chances of survival.

Are unicellular organisms also able to make these kinds of selections?

Likewise, during sexual reproduction, the cell size of the offspring is determined by the cell size of the two spores that fuse together.

GEE researchers first investigated how body size influenced reproductive success in both phases of yeast reproduction.

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